Lens Options

Lens Options

Lens Options


Choosing Spectacle Lenses

At Vision 2 Opticians, we aim to ensure that the lenses you choose not only suit your visual needs, but your lifestyle too.


There are spectacle lenses available for a wide variety of uses and not all lenses will suit every occasion. For instance, one pair may suit your working environment but not your hobbies and vice-versa. This is why we may recommend one or more pairs of lenses for your rescription.


Lens Options

There are many optional extras available to you when you are choosing your spectacles. Many of them with make your spectacles look better and also your spectacles will function better for you. For example, an anti-reflection coating.

Anti-Reflection Coating
An anti reflection coating helps to

  • Reduce reflection on lenses so that people see your eyes not your lenses.
  • Cut down the glare of oncoming lights while driving at night
  • Cut down the reflections from your computer screen
  • Scratch resistant to protect your lenses from everyday life

Scratch Resistant Coating
An anti-scratch coating helps to

  • Protect the lens surface
  • Lengthen the lens life
  • Give sharper clearer vision for longer

A Tint is very useful for

  • Reducing glare in bright sunlight
  • Driving in a glare situation
  • Increasing contrast in bright light

Thinner and Lighter Lenses
Thinner and lighter lenses are also called High Index. They are available in plastic or glass material. Our Opticians will be happy to discuss the best lens to suit your prescription and frame, so that your spectacles will let you see and be seen to the best advantage.


Transitions Lenses


Varifocal Lenses



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