Children's Eyecare

Through the Eyes of a Child:
Your children's eyesight is very important! That's why at Vision 2 we cater for all age groups, with frames to suit from babies to teenagers. Most preschool and primary school children will be assessed through the school or the health board, and parents can bring their prescription to vision 2 for dispensing. If parents are concerned about their child's eyesight, our optometrists can carry out an assessment in practice, but there are occasions, when drops may need to be put into their eyes to uncover the true prescription, and referral to an eye doctor may also be necessary.

Children can have shortsighted, longsighted or astigmatic eyes just like adults and there also may be a squint or turn in their eyes. Their whole visual system is very flexible up until approximately 6/7 years of age; therefore it is very important that all children be assessed early to detect any difficulty.

What Parents should watch for!

A child that sits very close to the T.V.

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