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5 Contact Lens Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Posted On: 2017-03-14 15:59:12 ; Read: 514 time(s)
5 Contact Lens Mistakes You’re Probably Making

It might seem tempting (and oh-so-easy) to crash on the couch or hop in the shower with your contacts in, but doing so can actually put your eyes at serious risk.

The Mistake: Sleeping in your contacts

Although some professionals and contact manufacturers say that it’s okay to sleep in certain types of lenses, we dont recommend it. Your cornea, the outside layer of your eye that the contact covers, needs oxygen. Wearing contacts deprives the eye of that oxygen, and sleeping in your lenses exacerbates the problem. At best, overnight wear will likely cause irritation and discomfort. At worst, it could lead to a serious infection. According to an overview of surveys by the Journal of Optometry, sleeping in contact lenses seemed to be “the main cause of microbial keratitis,” a type of eye infection.

The Mistake: Taking a shower or a swim in your contacts

It might seem like no big deal, but swimming and showering with your contacts in is a bad idea. Most water sources – including showers, pools, hot tubs, and bathroom sinks – contain the microorganism Acanthamoeba. If it finds its way into your eyes, acanthamoeba can cause an extremely painful infection and potentially even lead to blindness. The treatment is long and difficult.

The Mistake: Using water to clean your lenses

Even riskier than swimming while wearing contacts is storing your lenses in tap water. “Even though tap water is pure enough to drink, it’s not sterile.” Acanthamoeba also lives in tap water, so soaking lenses in water from the sink is an invitation to infection. Instead, you should always store them in solution.

The Mistake: Using a case for too long without replacing it

We recommend cleaning your lens case thoroughly with solution every day, and replacing the case every month. 

And don’t cut corners by throwing your contacts case in the dishwasher: “There’s food in your dishwasher. It’s not like it’s a sterile place!!!

The Mistake: Wearing your contacts way past their expiration date

Most people will admit that they keep their lenses longer than the recommended period. This is a similar hazard to a worn-out case: Old lenses become coated with germs and the build-up of solution, proteins, and other residues, this will make the lenses uncomfortable and can lead to infection.

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