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The Importance of Good Sun Protection for the Eyes !

Posted On: 2017-08-01 15:59:32 ; Read: 339 time(s)
The arrival of summer usually means that we are spending more time outdoors enjoying healthy activities. This may be at home here in Ireland or away abroad on holidays. These days we are more aware of the damage that UV light from the sun can do to our skin, but how aware are we of the risks that exposure to UV light can pose to our eyes and how we can take action to reduce the risks of sun damage to our eyes? The human eye is naturally protected from a certain amount of light exposure by the eyebrows, the nose, eyelids and the cheeks. However, due to environmental factors and changes in lifestyle, we need more sun protection than ever before. UV damage to the eyes is cumulative; it builds up over time and cannot be reversed. The sun produces different types of light. The three types of light which can typically harm the eyes are:
Over exposure to UV light can damage the front of the eye, the eye lids, the cornea and the lens. Over exposure to bright visible light can burn the retina, at the back of the eye.
UV radiation causes the eye to age prematurely, increasing the risks of vision problems due to
Everyone is at risk from damage from the sun. Children are at risk due to the long periods they spend outdoors. However, people who work or play sports outdoors, people who have had cataract surgery and people who are on certain medications are all at risk from sun damage to their eyes. Sunglasses along with the use of a wide-brimmed or peaked hat are the best forms of protection against the sun. Some contact lenses have a special built in UV filter which also give good protection for the eyes.
When choosing sunglasses it's important to ensure that you chose sunglasses which
While cheap sunglasses can say they are UV protective, the lenses can produce distortion, reduce contrast and frequently don’t protect the eyes adequately against the different types of sunlight.
At Vision 2 Opticians we are fully trained to give you the best advice about what type of sunglasses suit your needs the best.
The Importance of Good Sun Protection for the Eyes !


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