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Bono is a well known Irish person who suffers from glaucoma.
The risk factors for Glaucoma include
Elevated pressure in the eye, known as Intraocular pressure. Increased pressure within the eye, puts pressure on the optic nerve, resulting in damage.
Family history of Glaucoma
Age; as we age, due to changes in the structures of the eye, we become more prone to developing Glaucoma.
It is important to know your risk factors.
Your Optometrist will assess your chances of having glaucoma by looking at your risk factors, measuring your pressures and carefully examining your optic disc. Your optometrists may wish to take photographs of the back of your eye, to monitor any possible changes at the disc.
Repeat Visual Fields; regular examination of the visual field will help in identifying early changes in the visual field consistent with those expected in Glaucoma.
Early detection of Glaucoma is essential. By having regular eye tests with your optometrists, we can detect early and subtle changes in your eyes and how they look, which give us important information about your risks of having the disease.

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