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Flashers & Floaters !!!!!!!

Posted On: 2019-05-27 16:58:54 ; Read: 392 time(s)
Flashers & Floaters !!!!!!!

This Is What Those Strange Floaty Things In Your Eyes Actually Are!

These are eye floaters and everyone gets them. They are rarely a cause for alarm but in some rare cases they can indicate a more serious condition.

Have you ever noticed transparent small shapes in your field of vision? Did it ever freak you out just a little bit? The scientific name for this phenomenon is known as “muscae volitantes” or “flying flies”. It occurs when red blood cells, proteins or tissue have come away, and cast shadows on the retina. Don’t let these transparent shapes worry you, they are common and they are not at all dangerous. Not everyone sees them but they are more visible on brighter surfaces.

The reason why they often go unnoticed is because the brain has the power to accommodate for the annoying objects, therefore they aren’t seen. Some people call them ‘floaters’ simply because they look as if they are floating around in your vision. When they are seen they drift with your eyes vision. The first time you experience this can be pretty weird. Fortunately, these floating objects are pulled down by gravity so they may drift out of the line of your vision.

It is therefore very important to be examined by an optician if you  have any concerns,  and to ensure the continuous health of your eyes!!

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Flashers & Floaters !!!!!!! Flashers & Floaters !!!!!!!

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