Environmental Policy

Vision 2 Opticians takes great pride in its business practices and procedures and takes its social responsibility seriously.

This policy outlines our key commitments to our employees, environment, community, and customers.

Our Employees: Vision 2 Opticians is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such is committed not only to observing employment legislation but also to the promotion of equality of opportunity in employment. Vision 2 Opticians is committed to the elimination of any type of harassment and will take appropriate steps to deal with complaints. Deliberate or repeated acts of discrimination by employees will be treated as serious disciplinary offences in accordance with Vision 2 Opticians discipline procedure. It is the policy of Vision 2 Opticians that it will not discriminate in the provision of training. The company is committed to ensuring that all individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively and are able to contribute towards the efficient running of their department, by providing them with the necessary training.

Our Environment: It is the policy of Vision 2 Opticians to ensure that its activities are managed so as to minimise any impact on the environment, so far as is reasonably practiable.

In order to achieve this:

Our Community: Vision 2 Opticians understands its responsibility to the local community and as such is constantly striving to contribute further. Our commitment to the community extends to the development of future generations as we welcome work placement students and school party visits. As part of our commitment to the education sector and any surplus frames new or second hand are distributed to third world communities.

Our Customers: Vision 2 Opticians is committed to providing the highest level of service and is driven by developing long-term, loyal relationships with all our customers. It is the policy of Vision 2 Opticians to act with the utmost integrity when dealing with any existing or potential customer. We are committed to communicating fully with our customers through a variety of mediums including the internet, press, customer forums and presence at industry events.


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